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Mini Desiccant

User Guideline for DRY365 mini Desiccant

When using DRY365 mini desiccants of various sizes (2gm, 5gm, 10gm, 25gm, 50gm, 100gm), it's important to follow specific guidelines to maximize their effectiveness in controlling moisture. Here are general usage guidelines for each size variant:

1. 2gm Desiccant:

  • Suitable for small, tightly sealed containers like textile, pill bottles, vitamin jars, or small electronic devices.
  • Use one or more sachets based on container size and moisture sensitivity of contents.

2. 5gm Desiccant:

  • Ideal for small to medium-sized packages such as garments product, shoeboxes, small food packets, or camera cases.
  • Use one or more sachets depending on container size and moisture exposure.

3. 10gm Desiccant:

  • Appropriate for medium-sized containers like food storage containers, small to medium electronics packaging, or shoe storage boxes.
  • Use one or more sachets to adequately protect against moisture.

4. 25gm Desiccant:

  • Designed for use in larger containers including carton, toolboxes, larger food storage bins, or storage bags.
  • Use one or more sachets based on container size and moisture levels.

5. 50gm Desiccant:

  • Suited for larger packaging such as garment bags, small cabinets, or outdoor equipment cases.
  • Use one or more sachets depending on the size of the enclosed space and humidity conditions.

6. 100gm Desiccant:

  • Best used for large-scale applications like shipping containers, large storage bins, or industrial equipment storage.
  • Use multiple sachets to effectively control moisture in sizable enclosed spaces.

General Tips for Using Desiccants:

  • Ensure the desiccant sachets are placed close to the items they are protecting within the container.
  • Replace or refresh desiccants periodically or as needed based on environmental conditions.
  • Store unused desiccants in airtight containers to maintain their effectiveness.
  • Follow manufacturer's instructions and recommendations for optimal performance.

Always consider the size of the container, the level of moisture exposure, and the sensitivity of the contents when determining the number and size of desiccant sachets to use. If unsure, refer to the specific guidelines provided by DRY365 for their mini desiccant products.