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DRY365 Strip

Model   : CDS-1000g
Main ingredients  : Calcium chloride > 60% & Other ingredients
Specifications  : 1000g with hanging hook
Outward appearance   : Black print on blue printing
Packing size  : 83X16X2cm
Moisture absorbance capability  : Up to 300% 




Product Structure

The product's interior comprises four packs of calcium chloride powder, each weighing 250g, resulting in a cumulative net weight of 1000g. These packs are enclosed in inner bags made of breathable paper with a poly film to prevent leakage. The outer layer is enveloped in a dual-layered material featuring antileakage properties and coated non-woven fabric, enhancing its overall leak resistance.

Raw Materials

Calcium chloride at a concentration exceeding 60% along with various other dry ingredients The whole mixture will turned into gel effectively prevents liquid leakage. Under conditions of 50°C temperature and 95% relative humidity, the moisture absorption rate up to 300% within a 45-day period.